ethOS Phonebox

Buy an ethOS phone.

Get the first physical phone with ethOS pre-installed.
This Pixel 7a features a Nounish version of ethOS to thank Nouns for their support of the project. ⌐◨-◨

Sold out.

You'll have 1 year after minting to redeem for a phone.

Thank you to our early supporters, the pre-order set of ethOS phone NFTs have all been minted! 💜

Regular orders will open in Fall 2023, after pre-orders have begun shipping. Thank you for your interest in ethOS! 📱

EthOS Phonebox

How to get my phone?

Buy the NFT

Purchase the ethOS NFT for 0.39Ξ.

Burn & Redeem

Redeem a Phone with ethOS loaded when you burn the NFT.